These words belong to Joanna Newome, from her masterpiece, "Only Skin".  I chose two stanzas from the epic 18 minute song to test a theory about cutting letters in half. As the light shifts in a room, the words become easier or more difficult to read. Their opaqueness appealed to me. 


I try whenever possible to use up the scraps of paper left over from my maps and paper-cuts. This off-cut came from a large commission of NYC's Roosevelt Island. Even the creases and bends added a worn quality to my banner that I enjoyed. 

This is the result of my experimentation with text. Winterson is the best of oral and literate cultures. She could narrate her shopping list to me and I would listen, rapt.  

The workplace is full of imperative signs, often about behaviour and caffeine. This particular piece of the genre uses three different styles to bring out the text.