Queen Bee

This is a piece that I've been working on for a number of months. It took so long not because it was exceptionally difficult to draw or cut, but because I couldn't figure out what I wanted it to do. I had trouble visualizing what a 3-D Papercut might look like. I wanted this Bee to be in the shape of the common honeybee Apis Mellifera. I drew it out on the computer, quite proud of how realistic it appeared.

Originally there was a bit of honeycombing on the bottom, almost like a signature. But it eventually got cast aside. In the end it all came together because I bought a large piece of mountboard thinking I would cut it down to be A4 size. Instead when I lay the sheet of paper on top I realized the border effect would work wonderfully. So I drew a passable crown to suggest just who this bee is and added in Regina to the name.