Postcard - A bit of design

The day's work:

A6 Stamped Paper 300gray.png

I am not by any means a graphic designer. I do, however, begin most of my designs in Inkscape. When I was in high school, years ago, we learned introductory graphic design with  Adobe Photoshop. I remember not very much of the class because I was far more concerned with graduating, and the regular thought that I seemed to know a great deal more about basic computer literacy than my teacher. Still, that is my only frame of reference when I say that Inkscape is bare bones, but pretty powerful for a free piece of software. 

I spent the better part of my afternoon making this little number above. It wasn't what I was meant to be doing at all. I was trying to create the stamp in a full vector file so that I could pay a nice person somewhere to make me a real one that I can stamp things with. Probably in green. I really like the things that go along with this whole small business, business. It justifies my desire to own a stamp and gives me a reason to use it. 

I want to eventually make postcards with high resolution scans of my maps on one side and actual postcard space on the other side. I think that too many postcards are awful tat (as the British say). I'd like to design a postcard I would buy. This is a start on that.