A Piece of Work

I often encounter ideas, pictures, and tutorials I want to try with cutting. I'll see a picture and wonder if it would look good cut out of paper. Usually it just looks best as it is, drawn. But I still try out new ideas as often as I can. There's so much possibility. 

Less frequently than new ideas, comes a new type of paper. I predominantly buy what I have from my local art shop, which informs me that it is the largest in South London. I'm inclined to believe them. However, this means I rarely find a new colour, shape, or texture in the paper I work with. I went looking for some pre-cut 12 x 12 pieces since I find the cutting of the actual paper itself to shape, rather annoying. I admit, it's sheer laziness. I bought a variety of pre cut 12 x 12 squares in heavy paper. 

Whenever I try out a new piece of paper I usually draw out a map I'd like to give to someone. I find immense satisfaction in giving it away. Also, if it fails, no one will know. This one aimed to be a map of Evanston, IL. The current residence of a number of very dear friends. 

This is the cemetery that marks the transition between the Rogers Park neighborhood in Chicago and Evanston, it's more glamorous neighbor. 

You can see that the heavier paper was harder to work with as it's more fibrous. I eventually cleaned some of this up, but you can see at the corners and a bit on the smaller lines that the paper starts to tuft slightly.  

The final piece was indeed much more hearty, but slightly less polished in final appearance than expected. I went through about 20 or so blades with this project. I really enjoyed how durable it felt, the texture of the paper, and its slightly creamy color. It is a piece of Parche Marque 200 gsm paper.