Peckham Fox

As I continue to work on this little endeavor I call Kartegraphik, I keep learning new things. Fairly frequently I am forced to engage with practices I do not actually have any interest in. For instance, how to be successful on instagram, or what sort of social media strategy a small maker should have. These are not the reasons I started this in the first place, but sometimes being pushed beyond your comfort zone is a good thing. In this case, I was trying to figure out how to create a nice little instagram post or facebook video that quickly got across who I am and what I do while telling people I'd be at a crafty fox market. 

To me the animal that best represents London is a fox. They are absolutely everywhere and still I hardly ever get close to one. I know that the dragon is more traditional but, foxes seem appropriate. When I was asked at the last minute to cover a spot in the Brixton Crafty Fox I created a Brixton fox that sold quite well. Importantly it forced me to keep up with the idea I've had since Bearlin, of maps in animal shapes that also reflect the nature of the city I am depicting. So I started creating maps that brought together animals, the place I was going, and the work I needed to be doing. 

See Peckham below and come see me at CLF Art Cafe in Peckham on Sunday the 9th of October from 11-5pm.