Motivation Tuesday

Kartegraphik is changing, a little.

I've been working very hard lately, trying to get this little online business off the ground. I joined a local maker community here in Lambeth called Makerhood. I've attended two of their workshop seminars which focused on selling, barriers to selling, open studios, event planning, and craft fairs. I learned a great deal more than I expected, but haven't gotten everything I want. To that end I've been making some improvements on my previous work. I tried for better photos, more synchronous social media, and I even joined twitter. Then I applied to Crafty Fox Market after doing a cost analysis to figure out how much initial cash I'd have to spend to go to my first market (hint: a fair bit). There's insurance, buying a card reader, having enough stock, how to display your wares, printing costs, etc. This is where Makerhood was exceptional.

Regarding my shop, these days there's more noise than signal in selling online, I'm bombarded constantly with information about what's best and how to do this and why only good sellers do "x". Honestly, even with academic research skills it's a bit daunting. So instead I make a few reasonable changes, wait and see (which is difficult) and make what comes into my head. A little inspiration to get a move on from my favorite vampire squid.