Paper is a great medium. It's exceptionally versatile. While my maps are in many ways a 3D endeavor, they don't make use of frontal space. This project does. I've made this for my own wall, and so blatantly stole the lyrics from Joanna Newsome's "Skin". It's about 18 minutes long and played on a harp. 

"You froze in your sand shoal / prayed for your poor soul / sky was a bread roll / soaking in a milk bowl
and when the bread broke / fell in bricks of wet smoke/ my sleeping heart woke/ and my waking heart broke"

The actual text I did in all uppercase to make the slice through the center very balanced. The only thing I don't like was my decision to cut the bottom quotation marks at the bottom. I should have kept the attached edge at the bottom and cut them from the top. I think they look a bit funny. 

What's great about these is that as the light changes so does the text. The shadows make it longer or shorter and the whole thing pops up off the page. 

After playing around with this style a bit more I created the framed piece in an Ikea shadow box. God bless Ikea for inexpensive and simple frames. This one was £9. I cut the matting myself in black since the original was white and it didn't quite look as nice with the white paper. I thought of trying a different paper colour, but I feared the shadows wouldn't pop as much without it. At the last minute I backed the author's name (Jeanette Winterson) in green to add some colour. 

Wall Departure

Today is Wednesday, but it isn't wordless. These are clearly not maps. I was looking for a way to decorate my flat in a colorful and interesting way. So I designed some wheat sheaves as an homage to my homeland (the mid-west). Okay, so I just liked the color and ideas. They were actually a bit time consuming to place, but using remount spray adhesive on them they have stuck to the walls without falling down. They don't seem to have hurt the (awful, awful, awful) beige textured "wallpaper" that seems so prevalent in rentals in the UK. 

I tried to vary the size, color and shape to keep it interesting. It's slightly abstract, but fun. I'm going to try out a similar project in other rooms with plants and a some animals.