The weather is damp here in London, and I'm reminded again that in the UK there are not any holidays, not really, between August and Christmas. Something I miss about Chicago, and bore my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances with, is the defined change in seasons back home. There's a joke, familiar to many, that there are really only two seasons: winter and construction. There are more, and fall is my favorite. Many of memories of growing up are rosier now, I think than they were then, but I loved fall. The crisp dry air, the possibility of snow on Halloween, and the absolute manic consumption of Halloween decorations, pumpkins, and candy. I didn't realize until many years later that this was the harvest festival in the Mid-west. When I was young there were cornfields behind our house, and I remember my mother putting up dried Indian corn on the door. These things say Halloween and fall to me.

These sort of decorations are very New World, and really do not exist in England. Well, certainly not in London. I put a small pumpkin in my office and all I get are endless comments about how someone once had pumpkin soup! Feeling a bit of desperation for a change from cold and damp to crisp and anticipatory I drew out a skyline of Chicago.

A sort of skyline. 

A sort of skyline. 

This is a new type of cutting for me. Many other folks online draw out their designs onto tracing paper and then tape it down on top of their paper. They then cut both of these out. I tend to draw my designs direct onto my paper and then cut it out. This time I wanted to ensure I had the correct skyline formation so I drew on tracing paper. I tried, and partially succeeded, at intertwining the bottom of the city with the tree branches.

It's always the trees that tell us it's turned to fall, but I didn't want a skeletal tree of warped branches so I added a few leaves. 

The branches

I was particularly proud of the roots and the twisting shadows they produced. 

The whole work

Here is the final piece. Hello, Chicago!