One Square Mile Project

Creative Commons Licence
One Square Mile by Kip Perdue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Welcome to the One Square Mile project!

I'll be exploring the way that we have shaped our cities and continue to modify our built environment, and how various landscapes affect that. The basis of any good comparison is accounting for variables. To that end I will be creating maps using Open Street Map (another OSM!) that are One Square Mile. This will be accomplished through python code and the very helpful tool OSMnx created by Geoff Boeing.

All of the maps that are created will have two components: a map I've drawn that is freely available under an attributable share-alike creative commons license. You can click the link below my little logo to see exactly what that means. The information I use to create the map is free, think wikipedia for maps, as is the tool I use to extract the data. This is the way I give that back and perpetuate its spirit. The second component will be a hand cut paper map. The drawing and the paper cut are linked by the streets that make them. Visually we'll be able to see then, what one square mile looks like in many many different places. 

For a long time I've had an idea scribbled in one of my notebooks to create "fingerprints" of various cities. The longer I spend looking at maps, and the longer I spend cutting them, the more certain features stick out through the road network. Some are obvious, like the bends in rivers, medieval city centers, and former walls. Others are less obvious, 1000 year old roads that refuse to be erased or changed, odd knots where you'd expect a straight road, or many roads connecting at a place for no obvious reason. We've been building roads for as long as we've been moving between sedentary settlements, which is to say, a very long time. Before that we made paths. This project is that kind of path. Built on other's steps and trying to see where it might take us. 

Join Me! 

(pssst: I've got a good line up of cities to get me started but I'm going to need some suggestions. If you've got a good suggestion of where I should go next submit it over there on the right!)