Map Cutting Class - October 6

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Map Cutting Class - October 6


our workshop tutor Kip made his very first paper cut map as a Christmas gift in 2012. He wanted to create and give something that was at once personal, unique, creative and memorable. He chose a city that mattered, where very happy times had been spent, and through a very deft bit of subterfuge obtained an address around which to centre the map and started to create it. Kip now wants very much to share that process with you and teach you how to make one yourself.

Everyone is attached to a road somewhere, whether it's where they grew up, lived alone for the first time, or bought a house, we all live off a street. That street is connected to so many other places. Where have those streets taken us? Come join this class and make a paper cut map of your very own. Either of your journey or some one else's...

You'll be guided through the entire process on the day and when you're done your map will be ready to frame and give away or keep for yourself.

You can do this as an absolute beginner, but it is recommended that you take the paper cutting workshop first. All materials are included in the cost of the workshop. What you will get:

  • Specifically customised pre-drawn 23cm x 23cm map on archival water colour paper for you to cut out

  • Guided approach to cutting out the map from an experienced paper cutter

  • Opportunity to learn the process to create these works again by yourself

Your tutor for this Creative Happy London workshop is Kip Perdue. Kip is a paper cutting artist living in South London who has been crafting different types of paper art since 2012. His work focuses on personal geographies and the ways maps influence this. He has always been interested in maps and streets and how people represent the world around them. Once stripped of their information and condensed into the arteries of cities, streets can show us both how we change the world, how it shapes us back, and make us aware of just how little we sometimes actually see of the cities around us.  Kip runs Kartegraphik, a bespoke paper cutting studio.

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