Sea Creatures Origami Paper Cut Art (A4 size)

Sea Creatures Origami Paper Cut Art (A4 size)


Ever since taking up paper cutting I've become obsessed by light and shadows, positive and negative space. Particularly where a deft touch of either suggests depth that doesn't really exist. Paper cutting provides for some wonderful opportunities, and one of those is to pretend something is more dimensions than it is. It's like drawing but with space. Here the inspiration is folded paper, and the current trend for geometric animals. Origami uses an almost wholly 2 dimensional object to create something 3 dimensional and I then cut those shapes out of 2 dimensions again.

Based upon the planes folded paper makes, this handmade paper sheet shows nine sea creatures in geometric wonder.

Paper: 160 gsm acid-free archival quality paper.

Backing: Mountboard provided.

Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm | A4

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